How long has Gängl Custom Cycles Been Around?
Rich Gӓngl started Gängl Custom Cycles in 1979.

Do you paint your own frames?
Yes, I personally do all of the paint work here at my shop. This also Includes all restoration paint and decals. All paint jobs are cured in my oven that I designed and built myself.

Why should I consider purchasing a custom bicycle?
Most people can benefit from a custom made bicycle. Most factory built bicycles are designed to fit riders of average body dimensions. Many offer limited options and styles to reduce cost of production. A custom bicycle that is hand made is designed and built for you and you alone. It will fit your body and riding style to allow you to reach your full potential. It will be constructed from the best materials that are available. Another nice feature is that you have involvement in the entire process of building your frame set from the start to the finish. The final result will be bicycle that is beautiful and uniquely yours.

Do you offer mountain bikes or tandems?
No. I specialized in all types of road, track, cycle-cross, fixed-gear and touring/Randonneur bicycles.

What tubing do you use?
I use all available steel tubing from Reynolds,  Columbus and True-Temper. Titanium tubing comes from Reynolds and U.S. sources such as Haynes and Sandivik.

How long does it take before I get my bike?
Currently, my lead time is approximately 9-10 months.

Do you offer complete bicycles?
Yes, I have access to most components on the market that you will find today.

Do you offer BB30 shells?
No. I only like to use the traditional and well-proven bottom brackets in standard B.S.A (English) threading.

Do you offer S and S couplers?
I will in the near future. This system will be offered only on my new framesets at the time of their original construction.

Do you do restorations and re-paints of classic and current frames?
Yes. I have been doing this type of work for over 30 years. I have access to most decal sets to restore bicycles to better than original condition. Decals are only available on re-sprays that I do here at my shop. (None of the decal sets are for sale separately.)

Can you ship my completed bike to me?
Yes. I have shipped my completed bicycles all over the world.

What paint do you use?
I use only the products from the best manufactures such as: DuPont, P.P.G., House of Kolor and Matrix. All painted framesets are cured in a temperature controlled oven of my own design.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.
Rich Gängl